Customer and Vendor Contact List

Maintain all of your customer and vendor information in contact lists to quickly pull up their information.

  • Quickly look up a customer/vendor to retrieve their contact information on our handy customers & vendors list.
  • To your advantage, view the current balance that your customers have pending.
    • Create strategies that will speed up the payments that you need to receive.
    • Increase your accounts receivable turnover ratio to increase efficiency in managing your finances and business

Item List

Keep your products & services in the items list for inventory tracking, creating invoices, and/or making estimates. The products & services list complements the invoicing system when it comes time to creating invoices and estimates. Apply a product/service when creating an invoice or making an estimate so that the default information automatically appears.

  • The optional default information includes:
    • Bookkeeping Account
    • Rate
    • Sub item of
    • Track Stock
    • Units in stock
    • Allow back-order (allows you to sell an item even if it’s out of stock because it will be arriving soon)
    • Description


There are Bookkeeping accounts placed to help you keep your recorded transactions organized. Select a bookkeeping account when entering a transaction, payment, deposit, or writing a check to keep the entries itemized. These accounts complement the reports system in this accounting and bookkeeping software so that it creates on demand reports. Correlating the transactions to a bookkeeping account will help you identify what you are spending your money on. Freely add any bookkeeping account that you need and is necessary for your business. In the same way, remove any account that does not fit your needs.

  • Sub-accounts: an account with a parent account
    • Create and add sub-accounts that will help you distinguish your transactions.


With pwrBooks, create a professional invoice in simple steps. By simply inserting the data into the sections required, you can create an invoice in seconds.

  • Create and design your own unique logo to represent you and your company on your invoices.
  • (Coming soon) Quickly setup sales tax and personal discounts that can vary from client to client.
  • Customize your own email templates to send the invoices to your clients. Add any message that you would like to include. For example, a payment message, a warranty message, or a thank you message.
  • Once your invoice is finalized, save your invoice and email it to your client with a click of a button. Send them reminders of when their due date is coming up or if they have a balance due.
  • Easily search for an invoice with the advanced search bar. You can search by the invoice number, company, address, date created on, date due, amount due, and words in the description box.
  • Need to make a change on an invoice? With a click of a button, revise and create adjustments to the information on the invoice.
  • Tired of creating the same or similar invoices for every client? Have the ability to create an invoice and duplicate it to adjust a new service or product, or customer. It saves time and keeps track of all the invoices instead of replacing them.

Add Payments & Receipts

As the customer makes payments to the invoice balance, add payments to that specific invoice. They will receive an email with an attachment of the receipt as a notice that they have paid the amount that they paid.

  • Easily apply a payment received  by entering the payment’s information. Don’t forget to enter a reference or memo for your records.
  • A New exclusive feature just added is our processing payments form! Now you can process a payment through major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and  American Express.
  • Once the whole balance is completely paid, the invoice that is emailed to them can serve as a receipt. The invoice will have a “Paid” stamp on it to confirm that the whole balance is paid off.
Isolated image of a stack of receipts on a white background


Quickly create estimates for future or current clients. With a few clicks, you can say hello to future customers.

  • If there are any changes or edits that an estimate needs, effortlessly open the estimate and make any changes needed.
  • Instead of having to create the exact same estimate multiple times from scratch, have the access to duplicate an estimate. Skip the process of creating the same estimates for different clients and save valuable time.
  • Smoothly transition estimates into an invoice to continue the process that you have with your client.
  • An estimate can only become an invoice if it has been accepted beforehand.
  • Once created into an invoice, status will display as “Billed”

Payments Received in Invoicing

All the payments that were added to invoices will appear in this list and it will only display those payments received. It is intended to add the payment through the invoices, that is why there is no way to add a payment received through this Payments Received page.

  • This section is purposely made for users that do not have access to banking but need to view the payments made by customers and at the information.


Take a new easier way to manage your finances. Create registers for all your bank accounts and credit cards to keep track of all the movements that occur in the account. Insert all your expenses and revenues that you receive to keep the accounts up to date. Maintain your bookkeeping organized and itemized to your financial benefit.

  • Create a register for each bank account that you manage. Insert the account name, number, balance, routing number, and description to easily distinguish it from the rest of the accounts.
    • Be aware and keep track of your balance so you can avoid overdrafts and bank service charges!
  • Insert all transactions into the account. Input the:
    • date, payee/payer
    • amount
    • transaction type
    • bookkeeping account
    • memo
  • Enter deposits into your account to keep track of the money flow. These deposits are distinguished from the other transactions and are protected from any edits in the register.
  • Have the ability to track transfers that occur between accounts. Insert the information and include a memo to distinguish the transfers. Maintain a descriptive record to easily identify the details to create an easier process for a search.
  • Add pictures of receipts and deposits to keep records, have more credibility, and recall what the transaction was. Never worry about misplacing receipts or destroying them. They will be kept electronically in our software.
  • This Banking system correlates with the reports feature because this is where it pulls all of the data from to create an on demand report.
    • Facilitate your methods of identifying strategies to make better financial decisions.
expenses concept displayed on calculator


Insert and keep track of all your expenses in detail to create an effective business process. With all your expenses recorded, you can keep track of where your money is going. Figure out ways to save and create a budget that will assist you in creating better financial decisions and more profit.

  • Compare your expenses to your revenue to design a strategy to decrease expenses and increase revenue to increase profit.
  • (Coming Soon) Bills received- Keep track of bills that you have received. Update them to know which ones are paid off. Make sure to pay them on time and not waste money on late fees.

Printing Checks

Wouldn’t it be amazing to just input information and have a check written already? Keep track of the checks you write and keep records not only physically with a check stub but also electronically in our software. There is no more need for a paper check book or other third-party software that keep the records in a separate location.

  • This will help to keep the register in which the check is coming from to stay up to date and keep the bookkeeping accurate.
  • Creating the records in our bookkeeping and accounting software will also record the check in the expense account from where it is coming from.

Payments Received

Maintain control of all the payments received efficiently. Correlate the payments with the invoices to keep the balance of the invoice up to date. Keep track of the method in which they paid and keep the proper check number if paid with a check. Enter any other payments received that do not have a correlating invoice but still need to keep a record of in the software for your bookkeeping.

  • Quickly look back at your organized records to your benefit.

Bank reconciliation

With the registers and your monthly statements, you can easily perform a bank reconciliation. Bank Reconciliation is an essential task to monitor the transactions and the balances. Conveniently make sure that your book balance and your bank balance are equivalent to each other.

  • Make sure that your balances are correct for your financial planning
    • In case of any mistakes, use the handy search bar to find any discrepancies.


The financial reports include general ledger, expense summary, income summary, and sales report. With all the financial reports, come up with more effective decisions that will help your business grow and increase profit.



Enhancing this bookkeeping and accounting software, we added this efficient calendar to ease your time management. Conveniently keep track of your appointments, schedule, and things to do. Set reminders for major events to keep you aware of the important things that you do not want to forget. Effortlessly view your calendar in segments of a month, week, or day.

  • (Coming Soon) Set events so that everyone can see them or only a specific group of people can see them.
  • Once an event is placed on the Calendar, move it around to change the date automatically.


Use the handy calculator that allows you to calculate numbers. This efficient calculator obtains a convenient memory that will save all the history from the current use. Have the ability to use the history in your current calculation to ease your bookkeeping and accounting tasks.


Secure Password Vault

Maintain in file all your passwords to easily and securely keep them documented. You will be able to checkup all your passwords in one place if in case you forget them. It is secure with the latest and strongest encryption available today.

  • Share your password with all the other users or choose to keep it hidden so that only you can view it.
  • (Coming Soon) Share and give access to a password with your employees or only with a selected group.

Advanced Search Feature

With the advanced search capabilities, you can easily distinguish specific transactions that you are looking for. If in case of any manual errors in your bookkeeping, with the searching capabilities, you can smoothly identify where the mistakes are at. This will create efficiency and save valuable time.

  • Create your own unique filters on the search bar with this exceptional feature.
search bar

Time tracking (Coming Soon)

Keep records of your time to easily manage projects and employees. Enhance your time management by creating an easier way to administrate your time. Increase efficiency and become more effective in the workplace.

  • Conveniently add the project hours to an invoice to bill a customer.

Project Management (Coming Soon)

Keep track of your projects by inserting all its details in the system. With features like tracking time and having a calendar, maintaining the progress of projects and staying on track will be easier than ever.

3d small people - management

User Management and Access

Create access or restrict certain information to employees. Have the ability to keep information private or share it with other users. This smoothly correlates with the calendar and password manager. For example, share certain events with the managers or with all of your employees. Share a password with everyone or with no one at all.

  • Have users and manage them based on their position. Only give them access needed to fulfill their job.
  • Smoothly manage and assign customers to employees and or account managers. This feature allows you to enable or restrict sales staff on who they can invoice and sell to. This prevents conflict between employees that are working under commission. Obtain the capability to restrict access to your users and employees. Control accountability with this user management feature and avoid misinterpretations and confusion.