About neoCentric

We are U.S. based company that has been in the tech industry for several years. We have been doing IT and software development services. All of our coding is made in the U.S and is not outsourced. We have been working on a new project that has come a long way from where it started and is very close to what we had envisioned. We are excited to announce the release of our new software, pwrBooks. It is a software that does bookkeeping in the cloud that is user friendly and affordable. It is designed for easy usage while keeping track of all the financial transactions. This software will ease tasks like budgeting, bank reconciliation, and preparing for tax season.

About pwrBooks

pwrBooks contains several features that differentiate it with other bookkeeping software. These features include our invoicing system, an expense tracker, the ability to print checks, and our advanced search bar. The invoicing system allows you to create invoices and estimates; you can edit, download, print, email, and duplicate the invoices and estimates. Enter payments received towards these invoices and view them under the payments received list. An expense tracker allows you to balance accounts by decreasing your accounts balance while the revenues will increase your accounts balance. This facilitates the identification of any errors in the registers by matching it with the monthly statements and eases bank reconciliation at the end of the month. Our software has the ability to create and print checks. This will allow you to keep records of the payments in the system while keeping physical records with a paystub. Our advanced searching options creates an effortless process to find a search. It can search multiple field columns without the need to use multiple search fields. For example, when searching up payments, you can distinguish a specific vendor and include the amount paid. As a result, it will pull up all the payments made to that vendor with that price. The searching options create an easier way to revise the entries and identify the data entry errors that can be made manually. This will increase more efficiency and saves valuable time. Other features that pwrBooks includes are a calendar, an expense tracker, upload pictures of receipts and deposits, payments received, deposits made, client and vendor system, an inventory system, a secure password manager with the latest and strongest encryption technology available today, Customer Relationship Management, and a bank and credit card account system with registers to input these transactions.

Why pwrBooks

In our experience of many years, we have dealt through inadequate software that are missing certain things that we need in order for us to carry on our business. Some of the software in the market only have one good accounting feature and have few management tools that are not enough to be called a real accounting software. That is why we believed that it was necessary to build a new software that will bring strong efficient features into the bookkeeping  software and accounting software market. One that benefits us by being productive with our finances and billing functions. A real accounting software that provides not just a few accounting features.
We do not outsource our programming, it is 100% U.S coded. All aspects of our business are U.S. made including our servers that are all located in Southern California. Our customer support and hardworking team is all based in the U.S.

Our Goal

Previously to pwrBooks, the market was filled with other accounting software that had different features. The creator of this software was tired of all the accounting software that did not suffice their needs. Therefore, they decided to create a tool for themselves that would perform billing functions. This tool came to be very dynamic and easy to use. It was decided that it would be favorable to create more out of the tool and turn it into a web app. Our goal with pwrBooks is to offer the market an accounting software that is affordable and efficient. We created a software that is user friendly while performing all the functions of a true accounting software. We know that there is software out there that are beneficial and efficient but can be very expensive and difficult to use. At the same time, there is software that is more affordable that do not have much to offer. pwrBooks is a balance of these two ends that creates an efficient, easy to use, and an effective product. This grand accounting software will suit all aspects of the customer’s needs.

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